Youth Lock-in this Friday, August 5th

We have a great opportunity this weekend for our youth to get to know each other!
Please note that the lock-in is open to all students starting 6th grade through those starting their senior year this coming school year (in three weeks!).


  • 6 pm – dropoff/meet & greet for parents
  • 6- 7 (ish) pm – NERF WAR! bring your foam guns and accessories to participate in an all out miniature version of spiritual warfare! Siblings can participate in the activity, but must leave after the “war” is over.
  • 7:30/8 (ish) pm – Video & Discussion (topic TBD, but it will be Christ-themed)
  • 9 (ish) pm  – whenever – VIDEO GAMES/MOVIES – all movies & games will be approved by the chaperones.
  • 7 AM Saturday – Pick-up kids. Breakfast will be made available for those who want it.
Please have your youth bring the following items:
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Toiletries (please note that there are no bathing facilities at the church)
  • Nerf/Foam gun/accessories
  • Favorite Movies (we may/may not have a blu-ray player, depending on # kids & games)
  • Favorite PS3 or Wii games
Please make sure to label all personal items (including foam bullets, if that is important to your child). There will be a copy of a liability waiver available to sign on site, or we can mail one to you, if that is preferred. Parents make sure to stick around after dropping of your child, there will be refreshments for you and an opportunity to meet the other parents and even get a sneak-peek at what will be happening in the Fall!