Reconciling Group starting at KUMC

lgbts-christian-church-official-logoKUMC is happy to announce we had our first meeting of a dedicated Reconciling group at Kyle United Methodist Church. A reconciling group is dedicated to providing a safe and open environment to explore God’s word, Christ’s teaching, and Biblical contemplation with an emphasis on justice and grace for ALL Gods children… while the most recent definition is with regard to the LGTBQIA community, it is also a place for ANYONE who has been hurt, marginalized, demonized, demoralized, pushed aside, or made to feel less than human in the name of our Savior.

Almost 700 United Methodist communities have gone through the Reconciling process. These communities have approved a statement that specifically names a welcome of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Churches, Sunday School classes, campus ministries, and annual conference groups strengthen the Reconciling Ministries Network through their witness for a fully inclusive church. This explicit welcome is necessary because our United Methodist Church holds official policies that exclude LGBTQ people from the full life of the Church.

Our next meeting will be February 21st at 12:30, after the 11:15 service .Child care is not provided as children are welcome as active participants…. or quiet listeners… or healthy distractions.