Together in the Spirit

The church established by God has been through many seasons and weathered many storms. This season of virus outbreak is calling us to be the church in new ways, and to hold firm to ancient ways. Whether you’re deeply connected here or just sticking a toe in the water, we long to draw you in to the love of Christ through this community. Here are some ways to connect:

Gather by participating in worship by tuning in to Facebook Live during our regularly scheduled Sunday worship time of 9am, or watch the video feed on Facebook or YouTubelater in the day.

Follow the latest news for in-person church events- its changing rapidly these days! We publish a weekly electronic newsletter and send printed copies to those who need them. You can find the latest issue on this site or contact the church to subscribe. We are actively using Facebook for updates. Like our page to receive news in your timeline.

Feed your neighbors. Our blessing box is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you can drop off or receive food. We are also supporting those in our community who need a little help by offering monthly grocery give ways and other support as we are able.

Give. We know this is a time of financial stress, but please give to your church electronically or by mail if you can so that we can keep our ministries strong. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 69 Kyle, Texas 78640.

Check In if you need contact. Leave a message for us at the church, e-mail the pastor, call someone you know who is part of the church and can offer you encouragement. God has given us the gift of each other. Don’t try to carry your burdens alone.

Remember- you are the church. Have patience with others – those in line at the grocery store, that person who is being annoying online, and especially those in your family who are in close quarters with you. Show grace. Show love. This is hard for all of us. We can be the church for a needy world right now.

Take Care of Yourself. Put down your phone, turn off the news, take a walk, pick up your Bible and read it.

God is in charge. All will be well.